Understanding your assignment question

The aim of the assignment will be clearer if you identify key elements of the assignment question. To gain a greater understanding of what you have been asked to do and where to start, try identifying these components of your assignment question: Keywords= Also called ‘directive words’. These words explain what you are expected to do in your assignment E.g. analyse, describe, discuss Subject=The assignment topic Aspect=The part or component of the topic you are required to focus on (often a phrase ending in ‘of’) Restrictions=The specific context that you need to investigate; for example, you could be asked to consider your topic in relation to a theory, a text, an area of the industry, a company department etc. For more details, check Section 1 of HEAT (Higher Education Assignment Toolkit)!

Understanding assignment question

Fig 1. Understanding assignment questions (Illustration: J. Ali)


Arina Cirstea